The Partyzani editions focus on balkan bass – being just the shakra wheel reeling in the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and thrilling party music from the East.

Trailer binair01 ● Partyzani balkan bass party


● Line-up Partyzani balkan bass party 31/03 ●

Newborn Omar Dahl brings electronical music supported by live synths. A fluid compound on which horn and string instruments are added creates a warm breeze of melodies on a solid layer of dance beats, with influences from Arabian and Balkan music. First Gent concert!


Before and after the concert resident dj Mnsr Zéro will spoil you with 5 hours of mesmerizing balkan, gypsy, swing, dabke and other kitsch bollywood tunes in his own serious kind of crazy way. See you in a few days.


Partyzani ● Electric Gypsyland mixtape by mnsr zér0


Gent based dj mnsr zér0 is part of the binair01 music selection team and will host the Partyzani booth. This mix blends some selected tracks from the Electric Gypsyland compilations, collecting balkan with subtle electronic influences in the early 2000's. The Partyzani editions focus on all the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and extremely catchy party music from the East, including balkan with a gipsy wink, Middle-Eastern rap, uptempo klezmer, dabke from the pulsing nightclubs of Beirut, electroswing with Scandinavian hiphopbeats or any other crazy kitsch Bollywoodbeat.