Mixtape Caliente #1 by resident dj mnsr zér0


This brand new mixtape by mnsr zér0 is an urgent pledge for music diversity. It is a quest for a balance between soul and dance, aiming for a wide range of rhythms and atmospheres. It swipes the dancefloor with hot mestizo, mixing Afribelge wind instruments with a wink to Brazilian lambada's, nesting flamencohiphop in an Afrohouse from Bollywood and turning Jamaican ska and Arab raps into charming yet sturdy Frenchness.

The tracks, often edited, have been manually mixed together in order to preserve the party atmosphere at a typical binair01 (after)party.

Mixtape flamenco & rumba flamenca by resident dj mnsr zér0


This 1st compilation of flamenco & rumba flamenca selection is a sequence of full tracks, often edited, but deliberately hardly mixed in order to preserve the complete song.

The compilation series are therefore more meant as a preview of the music collection used in live mixes. Although not representing the atmosphere of party dj-sets, cutting and mixing tracks more agressively and pushing people into wildness, they still are great stuff to enjoy dancing in your living room - or providing some thrill whilst working.

Live radio interview + dj-set by resident dj mnsr zér0


Guest production, interview & live mix (starting at 1°02'14") by mnsr zér0 on Radio Taxi, Urgent.fm, presenting the party binair01 #balkan sessions# on december 4, 2015 @de Centrale, Ghent.

The tape includes some recent balkan songs presented by host Sara, an interview with 2 musicians from Orchestre International du Vetex, and a live mix of balkan music with afrolatino, african clubmusic & reggaetón in a clubset of exciting dancetunes from all over the planet.

Binair01 bezet op 6 april één van de mooiste feestlocaties van Gent: de balzaal in de vooruit. Plaats te over voor enkele geëerde gasten, dachten we, en we nodigden prompt onze 2 favoriete bands uit om jullie te trakteren op sublieme live muziek voor hoofd en leden.

The very first party where the basics for binair01 were founded: 010111 at Au Bain, Van Eyck, Portus Ganda.