The annual mini-festival at Vooruit is the grand finale of the season '15-'16, just before the summer break. It collects the uttermost possible music without borders, covering as many genres as possible.

Les Cerveaux Lents play at ~ bougez bougez ~


The members from Les Cerveaux Lents share their common passion for klezmer and gipsy music since 2002, but until now deliberately kept the band in the intimate pleasure background of their other musical projects like Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre. We all know what happened to those two, so Les Cerveaux Lents is back in the game.

And how! Their first full album “Heiβ und fürchterlich”, which was released a few months ago, is a fresh and joyful combination of klezmer with influences going from Arabian to African sounds with a hint of jazzy Django swing guitar. 

Don’t be mistaken though: the tunes are catchy, the rhythms infectious enough to have your legs badly shaken.

|| Les Cerveaux Lents | in concert at ~ bougez bougez ~ | 13.05 VOORUIT Gent ||

Topband from Greece Imam Baildi plays at ~ bougez bougez ~


We are very proud to announce that Imam Baildi, one of the most popular bands from Greece, will perform at ~ bougez bougez ~ on may 13 at Vooruit. Follow the facebookpage to get to know all the live bands soon, because the line-up is a very, very nice one.

▸ 13.05, VOORUIT
▸ 3 bands, 3 dj's
▸ limited amount tickets at reduction price €13

Live radio interview + dj-set by resident dj mnsr zér0


Guest production, interview & live mix (starting at 1°02'14") by mnsr zér0 on Radio Taxi,, presenting the party binair01 #balkan sessions# on december 4, 2015 @de Centrale, Ghent.

The tape includes some recent balkan songs presented by host Sara, an interview with 2 musicians from Orchestre International du Vetex, and a live mix of balkan music with afrolatino, african clubmusic & reggaetón in a clubset of exciting dancetunes from all over the planet.