The Balkan Sessions festival follows its successful path: bringing a complete overview of the contemporary Eastern music evolutions to Gent with film, food, workshops, concerts and dj-sets.

The Partyzani editions focus on balkan bass – being just the shakra wheel reeling in the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and thrilling party music from the East.

Trailer binair01 ● Partyzani balkan bass party


● Line-up Partyzani balkan bass party 31/03 ●

Newborn Omar Dahl brings electronical music supported by live synths. A fluid compound on which horn and string instruments are added creates a warm breeze of melodies on a solid layer of dance beats, with influences from Arabian and Balkan music. First Gent concert!


Before and after the concert resident dj Mnsr Zéro will spoil you with 5 hours of mesmerizing balkan, gypsy, swing, dabke and other kitsch bollywood tunes in his own serious kind of crazy way. See you in a few days.


After two successful editions the Balkan Sessions festival is growing a tiny bit bigger, with film'n'food, dj-sets and 3 very different live (big) bands from all around the globe.

Binair01 balkan sessions #2 aftermovie


The 2nd edition grew to festival proportions, and the 3rd one promises a sensational line-up on november 25, 2017. See you at our New Year's Eve dancefloor in a few days.

Aftermovie features Antwerp Gipsy-Ska OrkestraKocani OrkestarLekker GecRadio Barbã & Mnsr Zéro. Credits Joao Santos. This production was a collaboration with De Centrale.

The 2nd edition dedicated to balkan music invites one of the very best orkestars from the balkans and one of the very best from the belgistans.

Full line-up balkan sessions #2 finally revealed


The first Ghentish balkan festival since the confluence of Schelde and Leie with film, food, concerts and dj-sets in 2 rooms. Proud to present the line-up:

DOORS 18:00

◔ film'n'food (Kelderzaal)

▸ food by Lekker Gec 

▸ 'Black Cat, White Cat' by Emir Kusturica 18:30 - 20:30

CONCERTS 20:30 (Turbinezaal)

Antwerp Gipsy-Ska Orkestra 20:30 - 21:45 

▸ soundcloud | bandcamp

◕ Kočani Orkestar 22:00 - 23:30

▸ youtube meshup | deezer spotify

●  PARTY 22:30 - 3:00 (Kelderzaal)

Radio Barbã dj-set

▸ mixcloud

Mnsr Zéro (resident binair01) dj-set

▸ mixcloud | ▸ deezer

balkan sessions #2 - headliner mashup


This mashup presents the headliner of binair01 balkan sessions #2 on december 2 at De Centrale, Gent. The tape is also on mixcloud.

Binair01 closes the free Copacobana Festival near Ghent with a live band and a dj-set. French balkan-electro quintet Asa-I-Viata will close the main stage, and our resident dj mnsr zér0 will make you party until the very end.

Les Cerveaux Lents play at ~ bougez bougez ~


The members from Les Cerveaux Lents share their common passion for klezmer and gipsy music since 2002, but until now deliberately kept the band in the intimate pleasure background of their other musical projects like Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre. We all know what happened to those two, so Les Cerveaux Lents is back in the game.

And how! Their first full album “Heiβ und fürchterlich”, which was released a few months ago, is a fresh and joyful combination of klezmer with influences going from Arabian to African sounds with a hint of jazzy Django swing guitar. 

Don’t be mistaken though: the tunes are catchy, the rhythms infectious enough to have your legs badly shaken.

|| Les Cerveaux Lents | in concert at ~ bougez bougez ~ | 13.05 VOORUIT Gent ||

The binair01 ✦ C O L O RC A L O R ✦ series are dj-set editions which discover melting dance music from all over the world. This 3rd edition supports our friends from Sheeprock.

This edition is dedicated to bohemian music with restless hearts. We lift 2 "caravan" bands on stage: one international famous French-Polish manouche-balkan-electroband, one national pride of exquisite musicians in true Django style, both of them officially presenting their brand new albums.

This edition is dedicated to balkan music. Tonight is a joyful celebration of its incredible versatile faces and its ability to fuse genres and people. Some of the best French and Belgian examples of this border crossing phenomenon will make you dance from second # one.

f i e s t a. p a r a b a i l a r.
The ✦ COLORCALOR ✦ series discover melting dance music from all over the world. This edition opens the new season with a pure dj-set night.

Live radio dj-set by resident dj mnsr zér0


Live mix by mnsr zér0 on Radio Taxi,, presenting the opening party binair01 ✦ COLORCALOR ✦ on october 16, 2015 @Sioux, Ghent.

The mix includes some gentle electrocumbia with swingbeats and balkansoul, funky brasileiro with afrolatino in a clubmix of exciting dancetunes from all over the planet.

This is the first time binair01 occupies the beautiful venue of De Centrale with the very first # gare centrale # edition. Three national and international live bands + afterparty, two separate rooms. A recipe for many successful future editions.

The very first ✦ C O L O RC A L O R ✦ edition goes for summervibe sessions with the alterlatino band Chicos Y Mendez and hot tunes from mnsr zér0.

Binair01 bezet op zaterdag 6 april voor de tweede keer één van de mooiste feestlocaties van Gent: de balzaal in de Vooruit. Deze keer staan er 3 bands op het programma die jullie trakteren op sublieme live muziek voor hoofd en leden. Om middernacht gooit mnsr zér0 jullie benen pas echt los met een unieke mengelmoes van balkan, gipsyswing, latino, Spaanse rumba, Franse ska en andere wereldse deuntjes.

Le 6 avril Binair01 investi pour la 2ième fois une des plus belles salles de concerts à Gand: le « balzaal » au Vooruit. Des groupes de musique minutieusement choisis vous offrent 3 concerts en live. Après minuit le cœur de la soirée commence avec les mix uniques du DJ résident mnsr zér0 alliant rythmes balkans, gipsyswing, latino, rumba Espagnol, ska Français et autres sons des quatre coins du monde.

Binair01 bezet op 6 april één van de mooiste feestlocaties van Gent: de balzaal in de vooruit. Plaats te over voor enkele geëerde gasten, dachten we, en we nodigden prompt onze 2 favoriete bands uit om jullie te trakteren op sublieme live muziek voor hoofd en leden.