Pictures ~ bougez bougez ~ online


The pictures of that marvellous party are finally ready. Enjoy them here!

The annual mini-festival at Vooruit is the grand finale of the season '15-'16, just before the summer break. It collects the uttermost possible music without borders, covering as many genres as possible.

Free Imam Baildi double cd


We give away the brand new live double cd of Imam Baildi with every purchase of 4 tickets for the ~ bougez bougez ~ concerts this friday night. Only with pick-up at our office in GENT. Send us an email at with the number of tickets and the demand for your cd.

Imam Baildi's 2nd best global pop song


Never thought we'd ever say this, but the band delivering the 2nd best global pop hit performs on our stage at ~ bougez bougez ~.

This track from their latest album is indeed a very impressive nostalgic love song, wrapping you into an utterly comfortable atmosphere of drifting away clouds.

Imam Baildi is one of the most popular and famous bands in actual Greece, and you are very welcome to enjoy them in 2 weeks. Don't miss these jewel musicians - they won't come back soon.

Some tickets are still available at €13! Hurry.

Win free ~ bougez bougez ~ tickets with our poster challenge


❉|❉ ▬▬▬▬▬ ! POSTER CHALLENGE ! ▬▬▬▬▬ ❉|❉

You can win tickets for ~ bougez bougez ~ by simply taking pictures of people with the poster, and posting them on facebook. At the end of the challenge, we give away 5 free tickets and 2 free season tickets for next year.

How? Easy. Send a message at to get some posters. Ask people to hold them, post them on facebook tagging them and the event. The innocent hand decides if you win a free ticket. Of course, the more picture the more chances you have.

If you succeed in gathering people with all kinds of origins, you even get the chance to win a WHOLE YEAR of free binair01 parties! Stroll around on the streets of Ghent to gather as many nationalities as possible. More info at the event page.


We are looking for collaborators and volunteers


Our organization grows. We plan more frequent productions, and switched to international bands. This requires more helping hands. What are the possibilities?

- a simple, short shift at one of our events with a free ticket in return

- a little help with the preparations, for example promo for ~ bougez bougez ~, in return you get a complete free but carefree night

- join the team for regular organizations

Fill in the form and we'll contact you soon.

The Rudies complete the ~ bougez bougez ~ line-up


The Rudies are the producersduo behind the program Radio Taxi. But above all, they are Ghentworld-famous for combining an amazing amount of music styles. “Tino Tozzi” and “Juan Jose” constantly explore dance music in its widest range; from disco to funk and electro – with a clear preference for more exotic influences such as cumbia, bhangra, afrobeat, samba, baile funk, balkan, bollywood, kuduro, and so on. 

For sure their sets are surprising, innovative and eclectic. They’re all about earopening dance tunes crossing musical borders.

|| THE RUDIES | afterparty ~ bougez bougez ~ | 13.05 VOORUIT Gent ||

Les Cerveaux Lents play at ~ bougez bougez ~


The members from Les Cerveaux Lents share their common passion for klezmer and gipsy music since 2002, but until now deliberately kept the band in the intimate pleasure background of their other musical projects like Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre. We all know what happened to those two, so Les Cerveaux Lents is back in the game.

And how! Their first full album “Heiβ und fürchterlich”, which was released a few months ago, is a fresh and joyful combination of klezmer with influences going from Arabian to African sounds with a hint of jazzy Django swing guitar. 

Don’t be mistaken though: the tunes are catchy, the rhythms infectious enough to have your legs badly shaken.

|| Les Cerveaux Lents | in concert at ~ bougez bougez ~ | 13.05 VOORUIT Gent ||

New playlist: prelisten our next parties


The music we collect is carefully selected on its dance pedigree and complexity of influences and variety of rhythms. Dancing is the very core of our events. It is not wobbling on endless repeating beats. It’s not waiting till the dj drops a radio hit with a recognizable tune to suddenly go wild. It isn’t shining in front of a photographer’s lens with your whitest teeth either.

It’s just dancing, unconditional dancing without any restrictive barriers. Our parties and concerts are never too crowded to even get a chance to start moving. We keep the dance floor enjoyable and give your shoes all the space they need. So dance, dance, otherwise we are lost**."

* Fragment from our mission statement for the new website.
** Quoting Pina Bausch.

Please, enjoy the music.

Dutch-Bosnian sevdahrockers Projekt Rakija play at ~ bougez bougez ~


Bosnia is where the roots of Projekt Rakija lie. Frontman Igor Sekulović fled from his birth country to the Netherlands as a child during the 90’s war, and started a big band some 15 years later. Consisting of 10 musicians, a cartoonist and a graphic designer, Projekt Rakija finds a refreshing recipe for renewing the traditional Bosnian blues, sevdalinje, by crossing genres, bringing together artistic disciplines, and adding non-traditional sounds and instruments. The authentic balkan dance music is combined with very energetic rhythms, a rock attitude, bass drums and brass kicks.

Watch their final song closing the Sziget festival, where legendary balkan bands play balkan music in the middle of the balkans, and you’ll realize Dutch insanity added to the true spirit of a hardcore balkan feast is a guarantee for getting completely nuts at the end of the night. Right at the moment it’s time for the party, with resident dj’s from binair01 and Radio Taxi.

Topband from Greece Imam Baildi plays at ~ bougez bougez ~


We are very proud to announce that Imam Baildi, one of the most popular bands from Greece, will perform at ~ bougez bougez ~ on may 13 at Vooruit. Follow the facebookpage to get to know all the live bands soon, because the line-up is a very, very nice one.

▸ 13.05, VOORUIT
▸ 3 bands, 3 dj's
▸ limited amount tickets at reduction price €13