Pictures ~ bougez bougez ~ online


The pictures of that marvellous party are finally ready. Enjoy them here!

The annual mini-festival at Vooruit is the grand finale of the season '15-'16, just before the summer break. It collects the uttermost possible music without borders, covering as many genres as possible.

Free Imam Baildi double cd


We give away the brand new live double cd of Imam Baildi with every purchase of 4 tickets for the ~ bougez bougez ~ concerts this friday night. Only with pick-up at our office in GENT. Send us an email at with the number of tickets and the demand for your cd.

Imam Baildi's 2nd best global pop song


Never thought we'd ever say this, but the band delivering the 2nd best global pop hit performs on our stage at ~ bougez bougez ~.

This track from their latest album is indeed a very impressive nostalgic love song, wrapping you into an utterly comfortable atmosphere of drifting away clouds.

Imam Baildi is one of the most popular and famous bands in actual Greece, and you are very welcome to enjoy them in 2 weeks. Don't miss these jewel musicians - they won't come back soon.

Some tickets are still available at €13! Hurry.