➅ PAD BRAPAD (concert)

♫♫♫ 23:00 - 00:30 |  Pad Brapad (FR)


Pad Brapad might be the most relevant and solid innovative ‘balkan’ band of the current decennium. This concert will present their second album ‘Strikes Again’ – a marvellous example of cross-over between authentic and contemporary sounds and rhythms only few lesser gods are able to deliver in such a convincing manner. The surprising result is a furious confrontation of traditional melodies and instruments with banlieue hiphop and oldskool hightech electro. Violins and machines. Accordeons ad turntables. Mandolins and electronical witchcraft. An unprecedented fusion of irresistible Balkan grooves and a sound they call ‘Urban Tzigan’. Just wait until you experience their magic live. Listen to some Pad Brapad music clips here!