➄ NO TENGO PATRIA (a gypsy dance journey)

웃웃 ♫♫ 22:15 - 23:00 |  No Tengo Patria (a gypsy dance journey) | special festival project


Nomadic tribes like the Indian Kalbelia travelled direction South of Spain and Northern Africa passing through Turkey and Eastern Europe, where a fertile exchange with Roma music took place. The fruitful result became an important element in the development of flamenco in Andalucia, where gypsy rhythms and Eastern melody patterns blended with a.o. traditional Spanish music and Arabian sounds. It is this image becoming a figure, with its diverse influences and junctions, being expressed in this show. For this unique festival project we gathered the most talented Belgian specialists, each in their own league. Kalbelia style: Maya Sapera, Aaricia Ponnet, Sattar Khan, Mahabub Khan. Turkish gypsy style: Maya Sapera, Robbe Kieckens, Nathan Daems. Flamenco syle: Sofia Yero, José El Titi, El Juanele.