➃ KERMESZ À L’EST (concert)

♫♫ 21:00 - 22:15 | KermesZ à l'Est


Above all KermesZ à L’Est is an adventurous bunch of artists avoiding all beaten paths. This eight-piece band connects Balkan brass, free jazz, polka and dislodged gypsy with the power and attitude of a rockband and the contagious animation and humour of a circus act. They mix electro, Balkan partybeats and a hilarious retro-futuristic stage performance with disarming anarchistic flair into an explosive, extremely danceable show full of post-apocalyptic energy. Fanfare-punk-muzette, bitolsko oro + dubstep, klezmer Orchestra on speed: this is a balkan band 2.0 with a healthy dose of nutty craziness. Listen to some KermesZ à l'Est music clips here!