➃ Gypsy Sound System Orkestar live ● Balkan Sessions festival 2018

♫♫ 21:40 - 22:50 | Gypsysoundsystem Orkestra (CH/FR)

The 1st out of 2 international headliners of the binair01 ● Balkan Sessions festival ● 2018 is a 7-piece full body Orkestra. Gypsysoundsystem connects Balkan music with swing, hiphop, dub, tango and electro creating a fresh, contemporary sound. The musicians have very different backgrounds; some with a jazz education, others are rappers on hiphop beats or producers of drum'n'bass and dub tracks, and brass instruments show clear funk, balkan and ska influences. The accordion and sax floats on a solid rhythm section and supports both MC and vocals. Listen to some more Gypsy Sound System clips here!