binair01 ~ bougez bougez ~ w/ IMAM BAILDI, Projekt Rakija, Les Cerveaux Lents, the rudies

This edition is dedicated to music crossing far remote influences, roots and origins – both in time and space. Combining a pair of different bits produces an endless variety of unique elements, exactly explaining the spirit of binair01. It is also the idea behind Radio Taxi on, turning it into the perfect partner in music crime. This edition celebrates 10 years of broadcasting these legendary free journeys through the world of music.These mutual influences lead more than perhaps to new music trends and evolutions with interesting music-technical features and fresh rhythm variations. The bands and dj's performing tonight are all following this philosophy.

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3 LIVE BANDS || 3 DJ'S || playing:

balkangrooves ✦ afrolatinovibes ✦ gypsydoodles ✦ swingelectrics ✦ rumbarhythms ✦ reggaetónrhymes ✦ cumbiamaniacs ✦ klezmerwhirls ✦ flamenco nuevo ✦ etceteratango

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DOORS 19:45
▸ FOOD offered by Lekker Gec▸ dj-set by The Rudies

CONCERTS (indicated hours are strict!)
◔ 20:45 - 21:30 Les Cerveaux Lents (BE || klezmer.gipsy.balkan)
See below for more information▸
◑ 21:45 - 23:00 Imam Baildi (GR || below for more information

◕ 23:30 - 00:30 Projekt Rakija (NL/BOSNIA || balkan.sevdalinje.rock)

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PARTY 00:30 - 4:30

A stunning afterparty celebrating 10 years of Radio Taxi at

● DJ The Rudies (resident Radio Taxi)
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Imam Baildi

Imam Baildi (ιμάμ μπαϊλντί) is a traditional Ottoman-Turkish dish blending a rich variety of tasteful ingredients. The band Imam Baildi mixes Greek authentic rebetiko with contemporary rhythms and different types of music. The result is surprising and yet strangely familiar. The unique sound of a gentle bouzouki melody on solid electronic trip-hop, hip-hop raps on a rumba percussion, electric swing shivers combined with some irresistible balkan brass section instruments – nothing seems quite like it, but in the meantime it all perfectly blends in.

The band not only crosses genres, but also borders. They collaborated with the LA hip-hoppers from Delinquent Habits, members of flamenco nuevo icon Ojos de Brujo, and joined the inclusive journey of Shantel’s Greek adventure with two songs on his latest album Viva Diaspora.
The layered yet easy-to-dance music of Imam Baildi is a product of an innovative, creative drive of crossing influences, instruments and dance rhythms exactly where they fit best. Perfectly matching the philosophy of binair01, we are very proud to present this marvelous band on our stage after they won over beautiful festivals like Lowlands, Roskilde, Balkan Trafik and Sziget.

Lysandros Falireas - drums

Orestis Falireas - DJ / bass

Ilias Arapatsakos - bouzouki

MC Yinka - MC / vocals

Lambis Kountourogiannis - guitar

Rena Morfi - vocals

Giannis Diskos - sax

Les Cerveaux Lents

The members from Les Cerveaux Lents share their common passion for klezmer and gipsy music since 2002, but until now deliberately kept the band in the intimate pleasure background of their other musical projects like Absynthe Minded and Va Fan Fahre. We all know what happened to those two, so Les Cerveaux Lents is back in the game.

And how! Their first full album “Heiβ und fürchterlich”, which was released a few months ago, is a fresh and joyful combination of klezmer with influences going from Arabian to African sounds with a hint of jazzy Django swing guitar.

Don’t be mistaken though: the tunes are catchy, the rhythms infectious enough to have your legs badly shaken.

Michael De Schryver - accordion

Adriaan Verwée - clarinet

Renaud Ghilbert - violin

Sergej Van Bouwel - double bass

Eduardo Vega - guitar

Jakob Nachtergaele - drums

Projekt Rakija

Bosnia is where the roots of Projekt Rakija lie. Frontman Igor Sekulović fled from his birth country to the Netherlands as a child during the 90’s war, and started a big band some 15 years later. Consisting of 10 musicians, a cartoonist and a graphic designer, Projekt Rakija finds a refreshing recipe for renewing the traditional Bosnian blues, sevdalinje, by crossing genres, bringing together artistic disciplines, and adding non-traditional sounds and instruments. The authentic balkan dance music is combined with very energetic rhythms, a rock attitude, bass drums and brass kicks.

Watch their final song closing the Sziget festival, where legendary balkan bands play balkan music in the middle of the balkans, and you’ll realize Dutch insanity added to the true spirit of a hardcore balkan feast is a guarantee for getting completely nuts at the end of the night. Right at the moment it’s time for the party, with resident dj’s from binair01 and Radio Taxi.

Igor Sekulović – guitar, vocals

Harm Timmermans – vocals

Anne Simkens – vocals

Josefien Terburg – vocals

Dmitri Tsvetkov – drums

Kai Liebrand – bass, bass synth

Peter Schütz – keys, beats, bass synth

Robert de Kok – altsaxophone

Ron Antens – trombone

Gon Mevis – trumpet

Niels van den Berge – drawings

Maurice Baltissen – graphic art