• This event took place on July 19, 2019
    at 21h30
  • Minnemeers 10 9000 Gent

Tijdens de Gentse feesten bivakkeert binair01 drie avonden in de tuinen van Industriemuseum Gent / Bar Mitte, vlak naast het Baudelo park, en nodigt daar vernieuwende internationale bands en toonaangevende dj's uit. Sonar focust op zuiderse dansmuziek – denk afro/latijns, (electro)cumbia, reggaetón, afrotrap, hiphop Cubano, salsagrooves, dembow, dancehall, kuduro. Partyzani (27/7) trekt richting Oosten – balkan, gipsy, (electro)swing, Arabische hiphop, dabke.

L I N E - U P



▎GHETTO KUMBÉ (Colombia)   ▎♫ 22:30

"One of the most innovative contemporary bands of Colombia"

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▎MNSR ZÉR0 (resident binair01)   ▎☊ 23:30

kuduro x afro caribbean x cumbia x tropical bass x party




ragga x dancehall dance workshop

▎MNSR ZÉR0 (resident binair01)   ▎☊ 23:30

kuduro x afro caribbean x cumbia x tropical bass x party

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M O R E + I N F O



Ghetto Kumbé is the epitome of contemporary, innovative and highly energetic afrolatin music, dolling around with new electronic influences and gently spreading fresh layers over a rich legacy of traditional elements. The band is composed of three of the most skilful musicians from the vivid Colombian dance music scene: El Guajiro (La-33, Sidestepper), Chongo (Sidestepper, Ondatrópica, Totó la Momposina,…) and Doctor Keyta (Zarabanda, L'Arpeggiata - Christina Pluhar). The result of their prodigious collaboration is a unique blend of traditional west African rhythms and powerful Caribbean electro beats. The all present afro-Colombian frame of Cumbia, Bullerengue, Son Palenquero, Chande and Chalupa pays respect to the ancient people of Colombia, their traditions, their terrestrial relations and ritual dancing. So, is this band then ‘the ultimate innovative act from the emerging Colombian melting pot’? Yes and no. They’re much more than that. Their music features Ghanaian singers and European producers, merging three continents together in gaitas, marimbas, enchanting voices of Africa and powerful electronic beats from the UK bass music scene. Expect a tremendously infectious dance machine, opening a new era to the Afro-Colombian fusion of styles.

More info soon.

MNSR ZÉR0 (resident binair01)

As a devoted music lover Mnsr Zéro carefully built up a valuable collection of under-exposed dance music treasures by years of research in all quarters of our planet. He combines this knowledge with traditional club mixing techniques gained throughout a long career as a party dj. The sum of classic beatmatching and unconventional dance tunes makes him a party dj producing a unique sound, developed under the Belgian music platform binair01.