The new binair01 festival season opens with a new concept. SOLÁR looks for contemporary dance rhythms from the South. Two live concerts, a dj-set party, a movie, comida latina and a danceworkshop salsatón!


Trefpunt Festival invites binair01 to the very core of the famous Gentse Feesten. Tonight we bring 4 bands and 1 dj from all corners of this planet to make you dance on a wide diversity of music rhythms.

The binair01 ● colorCalor ● series discover melting dance music from all corners of the planet, focusing on southern hot music rhythms such as cumbia, reggaetón, hiphop cubano, afrobeat, afrolatin, salsa, tango, flamenco, rumba, ska, soca, soukous, coupé décalé, etc.

The 3rd edition of the binair01 gare centrale concert series focuses on contemporary evolutions of different dance rhythms.

The 2nd edition dedicated to balkan music invites one of the very best orkestars from the balkans and one of the very best from the belgistans.