The 4th edition of the annual Balkan Sessions is a broad festival covering several cultural domains, exploring the incredible versatile faces of Eastern music and its ability to fuse genres and people.


The Sonar party editions focus on tropical bass – being just the sombrero covering the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and extremely catchy party music from the South.

Tijdens de Gentse feesten bivakkeert binair01 in de tuinen van Het Miat / Bar Mitte, vlak naast het Baudelo park, en nodigt daar toonaangevende internationale producers uit, danscoaches die de link leggen tussen traditie en hedendaags, en nationale vaste waardes achter de draaitafels.

The Partyzani editions focus on balkan bass – being just the shakra wheel reeling in the latest evolutions of contemporary, innovative and thrilling party music from the East.

This Partyzani edition is a special one, as it will let you discover for one night only a suprising, uncanny location in the middle of Gent.